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Monoplex Eye - Studley Ocular Labs - Sturbridge MA, Bedford NH, Portland ME, Worcester MA - prosthetic eyes, artificial eyes, plastic eyes. ocular prosthesis

Testimonials for Monoplex Eye Prosthetics, LLC and Studley Ocular Labs

Rodney L.
August 2012

Two and half years ago I lost my right eye to diabetes. I was very worried how people would look at me with only one eye. Soon after my surgery my doctor sent me to Monoplex Eye Prosthetics. Boy was I glad they did! Walking in the door they made me feel right at home, using our first names so I didn’t feel uncomfortable.  After a day spent working hard, they had completed my new ocular prosthesis! They made a new eye that looked so good that even now, 2 ½ years later people don’t know it is not real. I would like to thank Peter and Lindsey for making things go so easy and taking the time to make the eye look so real.

testimonial from ella

The Canavan Family
Fall 2012

Our son, Nathan, Was born with micropthalmia of his right eye. It was a very scary and uncertain time for our family, as we saw doctors and specialists and learned more about what micropthalmia was. When Nathan was two months old we met Peter, Lindsey and Helen at the Bedford Studley Ocular Lab offices for the first time for an evaluation for prosthesis. Peter was very knowledgeable and answered our questions about the process of getting and maintaining the prosthesis, but most of all his compassion and caring for Nathan and ourselves, at this emotional time, meant so much to us. Nathan is now two and a half years old with two big beautiful, blue eyes that almost no one knows are any different thanks to Peter and his expertise. Nathan knows no difference and is just as active, energetic and outgoing as any two year old. We cannot thank Peter, Lindsey and Helen enough for their continued kindness and support of Nathan and our family.

Dale S.
Spring 2013
Dear Peter,

I am writing to you to express my sincere gratefulness for the never ending effort you showed me, not to the mention the wonderful caring staff that made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked into your office.
My situation was far from normal as I have had 15 surgeries since August 2010 when I was struck with a line drive while pitching in a modified softball game.

My current dysfunctional globe is severely shrunken and oddly shaped seemed to change shape as it time went on.

I went to Monoplex Eye Prosthetics with little hope as other Ocularists simply gave up on me with very little success. Peter was determined to make a prosthetic eye that not only looked natural, but more importantly was comfortable and had excellent movement. He endlessly tried many different methods until he finally succeeded. I have never seen a person so devoted to his patients and who would not accept the words, “I give up’, like many others have.
In closing I just wanted to mention that Michelle, Lindsey and of course Peter, were all so much fun to work with and I must admit that I actually miss coming in there, as we all seemed to make each other laugh. Thank you all for making my experience with Monoplex such a fond one.

Rosie M.
Fall 2011
Dear Peter,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I cannot thank you and your staff enough for the kind treatment and superb professional service you furnished to me this period of transition to the new prosthetics.
I am very proud of my new eyes. They are a blessing to me because of the much improved comfort level and low maintenance. Not to mention all the favorable compliments I have received about their natural appearance and good looks.

Once again I thank you and look forward to my next visit with you.


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